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Hire the experts for possum infestation in Moreton Bay

Are you suspecting a possum infestation at home? Then you should probably consider calling our experts. We deal with light to extreme possum infestation. Also, we will remove them in a careful manner. Therefore, you can trust our experts on Possum Removal Moreton Bay. Furthermore, they have intense knowledge about possums and their eradication process. Our possum treatment service is considered the best in Moreton Bay. Pest control Moreton Bay ensures effective methods to get rid of possums at your home. 

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Types of possums that infest in your home 

Possums are found in great numbers in Australia. They resemble a lot just like rats. There are 23 different species of possums found. They reside in the beautiful fauna of Australia. Thus, it’s common to have possums in Moreton Bay. 

Moreover, the most common possums found are:

  • Common Brushtail Possum – It is grey in color. It has a bushy tail. Mostly found in chimneys, attics, sheds, garages, and roofs. They have large ears resembling rats. 
  • Common Ringtail Possum – This one is smaller in size comparatively. It is brown in color. It has small round ears. 

They are very common in both urban and rural areas. Therefore, possums do possess a lot of problems for households. Therefore, we take appropriate measures to get rid of them. 

Variety of Possum Removal Moreton Bay

  • Possum inspection and removal- Firstly, it’s necessary to make sure your household has a possum infestation. Therefore, our team will take the necessary action to inspect. And accordingly, make a plan to lay down the traps. In conclusion, it will be a step-by-step procedure. 
  • Same-day possum control – Today, a lot of innovative methods have come up. They are great at removing possums from households. Thus, we offer same-day possum removal services in Moreton Bay. So that you can experience a hassle-free job with us. 
  • Restaurant possum control – Possums are not a good sight in restaurants. You will want to get rid of them immediately. Therefore, we provide effective restaurant possum control service. 
  • Domestic possum control – Possums feed on vegetables, fruits, and new plants. They even create problematic noise in your households. Therefore, this pest can be irritating to have around. We perform proper methods to get rid of possums from domestic households. 
  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection – Well, it is always advised to get a pest inspection before moving in. Our team will perform a quick possum inspection of your new plot. So that you can move in with peace of mind. 
  • Emergency possum control services – We also offer emergency possum control services in Moreton Bay. Therefore, utilize our quick and effective possum control solutions today. Call us to book your emergency quotation right now.

Affordable Possum Controllers 

Possums are pests that live on trees. They are nocturnal animals. Thus, they stay awake during the night. Moreover, this might lead to sleepless nights for you. As they create a lot of uneasy noises. Avoid a possum infestation by utilising our Possum Inspection Services. We first identify and inspect the openings at your place. We seal them to make sure possums don’t enter anymore. Next we lay down traps to catch them. Therefore, get expert services of  possum control near me in Moreton Bay. Also, we are the most popular home Possum control service provider in the area. 

Don’t miss our professional possum treatment services and make your booking today! 

What makes us the best Possum Removal Company in Moreton Bay 

The most common signs of a possum infestation are unusual noises from roofs and damaged plants in your gardens. They also emit strange odours to mate. Our services start from preparation to treatment. Here are some reasons why we are considered the best possum removal company: 

  • Experts in possum removal – The company has professionals who are experts. They use methods that are less harmful to the possums and you. We carefully trap and relocate the possums. 
  • Availability of services – Another strong point is 24*7 availability of our services. You can book your next quotation right now or anytime you feel like. We are always open to you. 
  • Standard quality of services – We are aware of our limits. And, we always maintain the quality of our services. Our team will use advanced technology to trap possums. Therefore, you can trust us with our experts. 
  • Experience – We have been working in this field for 20 years. This has gained us a lot of experience. Thus, it makes us a trustable company. 
  • Friendly staff – Also, our team is communicative and friendly. Thus, they will clear and answer all your queries. 


Angela could hear a lot of unusual noises in her attics and roofs. She doubted she had a possum infestation at her home. Our team came in for an inspection. We could find an entrance for the possums. We sealed the entrance. Also, laid down traps. We safely relocated 3 possums into nature. Angela felt safe and was satisfied with our service. 

What’s so special about Moreton Bay?

It is one of the most popular coastal areas of Queensland, Australia. It is also a great seafood market. The calm and soothing vibe of the suburb makes us happy working here.